The Nutrition Center, Inc. was established in 1978, owned by Bob and Laura Peters, and has been providing a staple in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. For the past 45 years we have accumulated the highest quality vitamins, supplements and where you will find some of the best nutrition products available. Our nutrition business is deeply rooted in the local community, and our mission is to provide wholesome and nutritious choices for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle.


Most of the companies we carry are only available through independent health & wellness retail stores and are not available through discount big box stores. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals, and we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home. Whether you’re looking for all-natural supplements, snacks, protein powders, or vitamins, we have everything you need to support your health and well-being. So come on in and discover the amazing world of nutrition with us!