Bulk and Loose Herbs

Looking for a particular herb? We have a large variety of loose herbs from Frontier Coop. All herbs can be weighed out to any size and are priced by the ounce. If you are looking for bulk, we can order any herb (that we can find!) by the pound at a discount. Our loose herb station is fully self serve! You can weigh out however much you need, eliminating waste from having to order a large amount. The selection is large and we are always looking at new herbs and spices to add.

Herbal Supplements

At The Nutrition Center, we have Organic and Wildcraft herbs from many different companies. Herbal supplements can come in a variety of different forms. Pure encapsulations, standardized extracts, and liquid tinctures are the main three forms. We offer most herbs in at least one of these forms and many all three! In addition to individually prepared herbs, you can also find some of the more popular herbs already mixed together. These formulas are often designed to be taken for specific conditions like high blood pressure, viral and bacterial infections, sleeplessness, or low energy to name a few.

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