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When shopping at The Nutrition Center, you can expect to see one of these three faces! Bob, Laura, and Logan have taken many courses on nutrition and supplements and stay up to date with current natural health news and trends.

After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the 90’s, the Peters family had to learn how to be their own health care advocates. It took them beyond traditional medical care into the world of nutritional supplements and alternative therapies. In the past two decades the family has been confronting Lyme, their journeys have involved extensive research about natural products and approaches that not only relieve symptoms but also work in partnership with the body’s natural immune and repair systems.

“Medications are necessary for some conditions,” Laura notes, “But there are times they are treating a symptom, not a cause. People often have a system deficiency that can be corrected.”

The Nutrition Center has been a resource for natural products for 40 years in our community. “Laura and I are both now Certified Natural Health Professionals,” Bob reports. The intensive accreditation process includes 28 modules on pH balancing, toxins, and energy exhaustion as well as the immune system, vitamins, minerals, and oils. “People are surprised by the atmosphere of the store because we sell so much more than supplements,” he continues. “We are an oasis of healthy choices with natural beauty products, teas, foods, cleaning supplies, even books and clothing. We carry a full range of products that help reduce irritants and eliminate toxins to support a clean living environment. We help people enjoy better health.”

Their family’s first-hand knowledge, personal service, and informed guidance are a significant part of what keeps their customers coming back. The next logical extension in growing their business led the family to include an alternative therapy in the form of the Oasis Float Company.

The expansion meant opening a new space with three private rooms, complete with showers, and installing individual float tanks. The tanks simulate a sizeable one-person pool with a cover that can be closed for a deeper retreat from both our outside and online environment. Approximately 180 gallons of water bring the depth to 12 inches. Videos on the Oasis Float website give online visitors full details of what to expect with the experience.

“The key is the 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in each pod,” says Logan, who manages operations at Oasis Float Company. “It’s impossible not the float. The water is denser than the Dead Sea.” The primary ingredient in Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. “Magnesium is responsible for 400 metabolic and about 800 enzymatic processes in the body and about 60% of the population is deficient,” Logan adds. “The minerals combined with the zero-gravity effect are what make it beneficial.”

Because the skin is the body’s largest organ, it offers a broad channel for receiving the benefits of soluble minerals and serves as a major outlet for releasing toxins. Floating in the super-saturated water helps to reduce inflammation from arthritis and relieve pain like fibromyalgia, as well as soothe muscle cramps. It also lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels. Anyone who has soaked a swollen ankle in Epsom salts knows why professional sports teams, including both 2017 Super Bowl teams, are now using floatation therapy.

Like most therapies (and supplements!), benefits build and accrue over time. “We encourage clients to try three visits,” adds Logan. “It’s harder to relax the first time when the experience is new. We have regulars who come every week. If they miss a float, they tell us they feel it.”

When not at work, the Peters family enjoys spending quality time together by the pool, creating art, and working on home improvement projects.


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